Private Instruction

One-to-one instruction is the traditional way of passing on the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu.

Training in group classes will bring about good development, however to get the best start, to explore specific areas or to help you bring together what you have already learnt, private lessons are recommended.

Private lessons are built on your individual development needs and the pace and focus can be adjusted to make sure you are working on the right areas, in the right way and at the right time.

Wing Chun training consists of several key areas of development, some of which are outlined below.

Wing Chun Forms

Initially you will learn these as a set sequence of movements that appear to be imitating blocks or strikes. There are approximately 108 moves in each form, though each form is broken down into smaller sections and can be easily learned at a basic level. By exploring the principles of the forms through various training techniques you will start to gain more control over your motions and energy.

Chi Sau

This is a partner based exercise that requires arm to arm contact and control at all times. Initially using one hand at a time and then two, both partners are at first working with set sequence of movements from the form. As skill level develops more variation is introduced at the right timing until practice becomes spontaneous and nothing is planned.

Mun Sau

This means ‘asking hands’ and builds on the sensitivity developed through correct Chi Sau practice. In this training technique one partner initiates an attack and the other partner blocks in a natural and effective way. In this exercise both the attacker and blocker are working to gain the better position in the exchange and must know how much power to use and when.

Private Wing Chun Instruction is available now in Nottingham and Derby.

To arrange a private or if you have any questions please contact SiFu Bennett

Private Instruction 1 Person £45 per hour
2+ People £25 per person per hour

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