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Wing Chun classes are held every week at the headquarters in Derbyshire and in Nottingham.

The Derby Wing Chun classes take place in a dedicated Wing Chun studio equipped with all of the equipment and weapons traditionally used in the development of the system including the Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy). The Nottingham Wing Chun classes are held at a holistic venue with great studios in the city centre. The Derby and Nottingham venues are only 20 minutes apart by car allowing students to train at both venues.

During the classes you will work on the complete system including forms, techniques and exercises that will develop enhanced power, control, balance and sensitivity.

The classes are run with an emphasis purely on the development of Wing Chun skill and do not include push ups, sit ups and other ‘fillers’. These classes are suitable for any level of fitness, as this will develop at the same time as your skill.

The Wing Chun classes are open for anybody over the age of 16 to join. To reserve your place contact SiFu Bennett.

Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays
Ockbrook Nottingham Ockbrook
7:00pm - 9pm 7:00pm - 9pm 11am - 1pm
Class Credits £90 for 12 £50 for 6
Pay As You Train £10 per class
Introductory Offer £20 for 4 classes
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