Training at Natural Wing Chun Nottingham and Derby

Wing Chun is an advanced and ultra effective method of self defence. A Southern Chinese style of Gung Fu, there is a balanced focus on both internal and external development bringing the best from these two, often distinct, ends of the martial arts spectrum.

The style is based on the natural motions of the human body, drawing upon our inherent abilities. Promoting the use of our natural structure and natural movements to defend ourselves. By learning, digesting and developing the 13 principles of Wing Chun, we can use our body and mind in the most efficient and effective way possible.

By learning how we can and cannot move our bodies in relation to an endless variety of situations, whilst remaining calm and controlled, we raise awareness of our capabilities and limitations. This enhanced awareness gained by testing and understanding physical boundaries through Wing Chun training greatly improves our abilities.

To reach the highest levels in Wing Chun, the mind must be able to attain a calm and still state. This inner stillness allows the mind, body and spirit to connect with greater success. The balanced development of these three aspects is achieved in Wing Chun through correct training under a qualified instructor and can bring about many benefits including improved self esteem, greater ability to deal with stressful situations and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Natural Wing Chun promotes a respectful and cooperative environment to enable practitioners to develop as quickly as possible. Promoting respect and cooperation encourages practitioners to control their ego’s, which allows a calmer mind and improved ability to truly hear the bodies ‘internal feedback’. This ability to sense what is happening inside you is an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to develop and maximise their potential.

There are several ways to develop at Natural Wing Chun. Group classes, courses and private instruction. Natural Wing Chun Nottingham and Natural Wing Chun Derby both have group classes held every week. Here all aspects of Wing Chun are practiced and developed. Private instruction is by far the quickest way to develop in Wing Chun and this can be arranged in Derby or Nottingham. Courses are run throughout the year and focus on specific area of development.

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